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Terms of Service


  • Quotes do not hold or bind you in a commission slot agreement, they are just a price estimate on options and character design. The more concise and clear the character reference sheet is the more accurate of a quote I can give. Prices are subject to change between commission periods.


  • All quotes and prices are in £GBP. If you are using a different currency please convert them the GBP

  • A non-refundable deposit must be paid to secure a slot

  • Deposits vary depending on the type and overall cost of the commission. Full suits require a 30% deposit, partials a 50% deposit, and small parts require payment in full

  • Payment can be done through PayPal for international customers and bank transfer for UK customers

  • Payment plans are available and will be discussed with the commissioner. It can be weekly, fortnightly, or monthly

  • Work on the commission won't start till the full payment has been made



  • After the costume is completed there is no refund option. If the commission is cancelled during construction the refund will vary on how much progress and labour was invested

  • I hold the right to refuse and refund at my own discretion.


Work in Progress Pictures:

  • I will regularly provide progress pictures of your commission at each different stage of progress when your confirmation is needed to continue

  • You may also request pictures if you would like to see specific parts up close



  • Whilst I can give an estimate of the completion date, I cannot provide an absolute deadline

  • Occasionally I am able to do rush orders but those have an extra fee and the price is not negotiable


  • Shipping will be calculated once the commission is completed, prior to that I can only give estimates based off previous items I've shipped

  • All items are shipped with tracking and insurance to cover the cost of the value of the item



  • All suits and parts have a 2 month warranty which will provide free repairs on anything that needs repairing if they are caused by JackalopeSuits

  • The warranty will be voided if I see any modifications by the commissioner or another maker, intentional damage, it has been poorly cared for, or it has been used for NSFW activities

  • Repairs can still be done after the warranty has expired but there will be a fee of £10 per hour it takes to complete the repairs

  • All shipping costs are covered by the commissioner



  • For bodysuits I will require a full body DTD

  • Arm sleeves require measurements of the length of your arm from wrist to shoulder, the circumference of your wrist, elbow, upper arm, and across your back

  • Hand paws require measurements of your palm width, palm length, and the length of each finger

  • Feet paws require your UK shoe size

  • Heads require the circumference of your head

  • Duct Tape Dummies must be made of a good quality and taped up well to ensure it doesn't rip when being filled. Poorly made DTDs will be sent back at your expense or disposed of and another will have to be made and sent

  • For a step by step guide on how to make your duct tape dummy please see this tutorial


  • Please note that I do have a hamster that lives in my work room due to the size of my house. Whilst he doesn't have access to any fabrics or materials there is still a chance that hamster dander/fluff may come in contact with your costume

  • Be aware of commissions ahead of you in the queue and that very minimal work will be done on your commission until you are first in the queue. I prefer only working on one commission at a time as I like devoting all my attention and creative energy into one thing at a time

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