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All prices are in £GBP and may increase depending on the complexity of the design.



Starting price is £300+


All heads are hand carved out of upholstery foam to achieve a look unique to your character.

Each head features:

-3D follow me eyes with visibility through the pupils and iris

-Fleece nose, tongue and teeth

-100% lined inside with lycra

-Excellent ventilation 

Hand Paws

Service Image 3

Regular £70+

Puffy £90+

Service Image 3
Service Image 3

Standard handpaws have 4 fingers and come with fleece pawpads and claws. Can do 5 finger paws too.

Puffy handpaws are more padded and filled with polyfill

All handpaws are custom made to your hand measurements

Feet Paws

Service Image 3

Outdoor £90+


Indoor £110+


Slipper £110+

Service Image 3
Service Image 3

All Feet Paws are made to fit your shoe size, with crocs style shoes built into them and paw pads and claws made out of fleece.

Outdoor Feet have shoes inside for a stable and secure fit. They have a durable EVA foam sole.

Indoor Feet are like Outdoor Feet, except they have a fur bottom with paw pads instead of EVA foam.

Slipper Feet Paws are made with faux fur and polyfill. As the name suggests they are like slippers and don't have an inner shoe but instead a fabric 'sock' for you so put your feet in. They're comfy and soft, but only designed to be worn indoors.

Paw pads and claws can be made in other materials upon request but may increase the price.


Short £40+

Medium £60+

Long £100+

Service Image 3
Service Image 3
Service Image 3

All tails have loops sewn into the base to be put on a belt and are filled with soft polyfill to give it a flexible and soft feel.

Short tails: Rabbit/deer and any other stubby tails

Medium tails: Most canine and feline tails go in this category

Long tails: Dragon/rat and similar ones that drag on the ground. Feature a foam base core for extra stability and support

Made out of faux fur but fleece can be used for reptile and rodent tails


Mini partial £430+

Full partial £520+

Service Image 3
Service Image 3
Service Image 3

Mini partials include a head, hand paws, and tail

Full partials have the same items as the mini partial but also include feet paws

Full Suits

Service Image 3

Plantigrade £720+

Digitigrade £800+

Service Image 3
Service Image 3

Full suits include a head, hand paws, body suit, feet paws, and tail.


The body suit is made to fit your exact measurements and is patterned off the DTD you provide.

All body suits have a front zip for easy getting in and out of as well as double stitched and overlocked seams for extra strength.


Suits with detachable tails have tail holes with reinforced fabric to prevent stretching and tearing.


Plantigrade suits completely follow the bodies shape.


Digitigrade suits feature thigh and calf padding to achieve the effect of animal legs.


Service Image 3

Arm sleeves


Leg sleeves



Service Image 3
Service Image 3

Arm and leg sleeves are made to your measurements or a DTD if one has been sent.


Arm sleeves are held together by an elastic strap across the back and go from wrist to shoulder.


Leg sleeves go from ankle to above the knee and are held in place by an elastic band around the top.


Wings are made from fleece or minky and are sewn to straps which are worn like a backpack. 

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